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We since 1979, no. 5 p. S Brampton Abc Minibus and Motor Carriers Cooperative As Brampton-Abd El-Nemrut Tours and tour organizations Provide Services.

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Abd El-Wahab and Brampton In Kooperatifimizin within the 2014 and 2015 Model Air-conditioned Luxury transfers to the airport VIP Minibüslerimizle VIP Nemrut Tours and Travel Acentalarının 30, 40, 50 and above we provide allows you to Secure a peaceful and Comfortable Trip Due the groups. Customer Satisfaction Based On Prensibimizdir

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Mr. Paladino Nr. 5, s. p. Minibüscüler, and of Motor Carriers Cooperative m. Kemal Cad. Shell Oil Across Brampton Terminal 02400 Brampton/Tel: 0532 797 7555//0535 515 9900//e-mail: nemruttur@hotmail.com are as close as A Phone and Mail to you.


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It's a very remote story: mount Nemrut

It's a very remote story: mount Nemrut                             "Brotherhood" was the secret of the Anatolian ´ always mysterious ´ un Nemrut mount Nemrut was the target of the claim; even the aliens secret base is claimed; one thing is sure is unknown or undiscovered mountain tunnels and legendary King of Antiochus I

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